Strength Training is the Key to Burning More Fat!

I get really upset whenever I hit the gym for a workout. It’s true!

I get upset when I see overweight people (especially women) of all ages – from teenagers to motivated Grans, working on the treadmill with towels hung over their necks and trying their best to stay as long as possible on the treadmill. And I can’t help thinking that they are wasting their time working towards an objective, that I assume is weight/ fat loss, that will never be reached at this rate of working out. Imagine they go to the gym religiously 3 times a week and hit the treadmill for half an hour each session, how much precious time are they wasting?!

Although it’s not directly my problem, I get equally upset thinking that nobody is giving them the sound advice to do what is necessary for fat loss. That they are ignorantly wasting those hours pounding away on the treadmill.

Right, maybe they were not looking to lose weight/ fat.                                                   But that’s highly unlikely when you see overweight folks who are motivated enough to appear in the gym. Losing weight/ fat and staying in shape must be part of the plan!

Well, maybe they have some health issue that prevents them from doing strength training. But with proper guidance and a sound workout plan, anyone can do strength training! Folks recovering from injuries do strength trainings to recover and get their body parts functioning properly again. So really, strength training is for everyone!

Sometimes, I have a good mind to walk up to them and tell them “hey I have a better suggestion for you to lose weight!” But I’ve not mustered the courage to do that yet, to random strangers. And I have not also thought about what I could get myself into doing poking my nose into other people’s business at the gym, so I shall stay out of way for the moment.

For those of you who are keen on understanding the benefits of strength training and why some of us keep going on and on about telling you not to waste time on traditional cardio if you want to burn fats, check out this link. Coach Calorie has done an easy summary on what you need to know.

Just to remind you, that exercise is is just one part of the equation. Don’t forget about the nutrition part! Both are equally essential to your fat loss plan!


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