About fitmummy

Fitlovelymummy is a blog created out of boredom!

No of course not! If anyone knows better, sustaining a blog needs huge amounts of time and effort. If it’s not maintained out of passion or interest, it’s just just crap work. And I have no time for crap work!

After going through numerous ups and downs having gone through a twin pregnancy, and now trying to regain my fitness level while managing two frisky bundles of joy, I decided to maintain a blog that can share my experiences with other mummies or mummies-to-be. These experiences may or may not relate to you but I hope you can identify with some of them and they can provide some sort of support for you.

Mummies today face a huge challenge in facing various expectations, directly or indirectly imposed on them. To be a wife, mother, daughter, daughter-in-law, friend …. (I’m sure there are more roles some can identify with) all at the same time is by no means an easy feat.

On top of this, I’m sure all you mummies of the 21st century would also like to regain your figure and fitness while making sure your little bundle grows brilliantly! How do we handle so much at the same time?

So it is important that we can remain emotionally strong and positive to lead a fit, healthy & confident motherhood! And I’d like to support you in this cause through these areas!

Fitness & Health

As a physical educator, I believe in walking the talk and that my action speaks louder than words. This is the same philosophy I hold with my students – where I run and train with them, to show that I am serious about making their fitness my business! 4 months after my c-section delivery (gotta be extra careful about the incision), I jumped back into my fitness routines and started working back to where I was prior to pregnancy.

When i was pregnant, I had plans to sign up with a slimming centre, go through the easy way of getting my body back and be done with the flabs. And when it was time to consider a proven centre, I started to have doubts. Trained in physical eduction and sports science, there was a constant nagging voice behind my head that tells me I will be wasting my money and slimming centres cheat your money!

There is no other way in achieving fitness and getting back into the shape than working hard for it!

So I will be researching and trying out methods that will help me get back into shape the healthy and right way. There may be failed attempts but there will be successful ones. Some will take time to see results, very few almost immediately. Regardless, I will bring you through all my various attempts in regaining my shape and fitness and let you know what’s effective and what’s not.

At the end of the day, I hope to motivate and inspire you busy mummies to get your feet into action and know that you can keep fit and healthy while looking after your kids!

Yes I know it is superficial, but which kid wouldn’t like a fit, sexy & confident mummy carrying him around?

Twins – Double Trouble

Doc: Do you see the blinking light?

Me: Yes.

Doc: Do you see another blinking light?

Me: Er.. yes.

Doc: Do you know what it means?

Me: Errr… noooo.

Doc: It means you have twins!

Me: ……….err…. Are you kidding??!!!

Doc: I kid you not!

I don’t have friends who have twins. We traced back the family line and didn’t find anyone who had twins either. So when the gynae announced a twin pregnancy, we were reeling and did not know what to think about.

It was a spontaneous first pregnancy, no IVF stuff. So it was rather rare that we conceived twins, what more, a boy and a girl. Along with the knowledge of having twins, came all the kiasu advice by the doctor – no more pullups, no jumping and hopping around, travel only if you are not bleeding …. and the list adds on just because I’m having twins and everything becomes more precarious along with it.

I envy mothers who go through hassle-free pregnancies because it must be one of the important contributing factors to relishing motherhood.

For me, pregnancy, delivery and post-delivery were all painful experiences that I will never forget. As such, I must admit that I’m still having a hard time trying to reach the status of “divine motherhood”.

I will be blogging about my experiences with the twins, some of them twin-specific, some of them just general baby stuff. I hope to garner more twin support on this site and together provide more info for more twin mummies out there!

Yes there are not many of us, but we will prevail!


5 thoughts on “About fitmummy

    • Thanks Jane! Yes the one on the left is de boy. He’s the stubborn mule though, not like Precious Moments… haha. They are starting to look more alike now, compared to the initial months when they seem to come from two different planets!

  1. Goodness!!
    Your kids look exactly like mine did at 3months of age!
    Believe me girl, I SO relate to the pre and post delivery pains!
    But in the end, it was all worth it πŸ™‚

    BTW, I’m a VERY unfit mother of twins.Will be looking up this space for tips on losing the extra flab (that i’ve been carrying around even after 3 years of thye twin’s birth 😦 )

    See you around, Cheers πŸ™‚

  2. Hi there! Your children are very cute. I am an at home mum who by profession is a wellness & lifestyle chiropractor. I have found being at home rewarding and challenging. I have watched my 2 year old son grow and develop into a beautiful boy. We eat organically and have no processed foods and foods containing artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. My son is very well behaved and people alwy comment on how well behaved and controlled he is. Says a lot for good nutrition with no such things as “treats” in our house. I make great foods and if there is a treat he loves organic corn chips.
    I am interested however in hearing from people how they maintain good eating habits, I overeat good foods because I am tired as my son is still not sleeping through the night. I am also starting a health & wellness centre focussing on creating and helping families experience and enjoy great health for lifetime.

    • Hi Louise,
      Thank you for popping by!
      I’ve seen your website and it’s wonderful to know another person who is passionate about educating & helping others about health and wellness!
      My twins are now about 18 months old, just a few months younger than your boy. And boy are they a handful too!
      I do try to start them on healthy eating as well but healthy food and snack do take loads of preparation time and this is the most challenging part. And of course, us being here in Singapore, premium/ quality food choices are not widely available, not to mention costly.
      I would very much like to keep in touch with you on helping people lead great health as I plan to work on a fitmummy programme.
      It will be great if you can share with me more on what your are doing and how you manage life as a stay home mum and health ambassador =0)
      You could email me at kareenlai@gmail.com.

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