Strength Training is the Key to Burning More Fat!

I get really upset whenever I hit the gym for a workout. It’s true!

I get upset when I see overweight people (especially women) of all ages – from teenagers to motivated Grans, working on the treadmill with towels hung over their necks and trying their best to stay as long as possible on the treadmill. And I can’t help thinking that they are wasting their time working towards an objective, that I assume is weight/ fat loss, that will never be reached at this rate of working out. Imagine they go to the gym religiously 3 times a week and hit the treadmill for half an hour each session, how much precious time are they wasting?!

Although it’s not directly my problem, I get equally upset thinking that nobody is giving them the sound advice to do what is necessary for fat loss. That they are ignorantly wasting those hours pounding away on the treadmill.

Right, maybe they were not looking to lose weight/ fat.                                                   But that’s highly unlikely when you see overweight folks who are motivated enough to appear in the gym. Losing weight/ fat and staying in shape must be part of the plan!

Well, maybe they have some health issue that prevents them from doing strength training. But with proper guidance and a sound workout plan, anyone can do strength training! Folks recovering from injuries do strength trainings to recover and get their body parts functioning properly again. So really, strength training is for everyone!

Sometimes, I have a good mind to walk up to them and tell them “hey I have a better suggestion for you to lose weight!” But I’ve not mustered the courage to do that yet, to random strangers. And I have not also thought about what I could get myself into doing poking my nose into other people’s business at the gym, so I shall stay out of way for the moment.

For those of you who are keen on understanding the benefits of strength training and why some of us keep going on and on about telling you not to waste time on traditional cardio if you want to burn fats, check out this link. Coach Calorie has done an easy summary on what you need to know.

Just to remind you, that exercise is is just one part of the equation. Don’t forget about the nutrition part! Both are equally essential to your fat loss plan!



What happens on Busy Days?

The excuse “I’m too busy!” is too often utilised.

The tendency to think: “Oh I can skip that 30min today! I’m too tired from too much things going on” is high.

Procrastination sets in: “I will make it up tomorrow by doing extra!”

On an all too busy day, most of us have the tendency to set on the path of least resistance! And in this case – skip that workout that we were meant to embark on.

I must confess I’m a culprits on days when I’m not strong and when it’s too difficult to manage a workout that I’d like to perform. I don’t claim to be the perfect role model on this but I have come to realise a few things which I would like to share with you busy mummies!

Kiran showing how a standard Pushup position is done

Treasure all the Help you can Get

The truth is that when help is available, we are able to achieve wonders! So whenever you can get help with the babies or the house, take the time to include some workouts!

With twins around the house, I need double the help before I can set out to do what I need to. So when I have two pair of eyes looking after the twins, I treasure the minutes I have, park myself at the lift lobby and jump onto a 20min intense workout.

You Don’t have to Head to the Gym for a Good Workout

If keeping fit means you have to head to some sort of gym, then mummies are doomed! Really, where can we find the luxury of spending one hour travelling to and fro the gym, on top of the one hour workout itself?

There are many variations of body weight exercises which can be executed at home, that are equally if not more tiring, than stuff you might possibly do at the gym. In an earlier post, I recommended a site –, which you could visit for great examples of workouts you could perform at home. It’s a fabulous site for sharing! If you are a little more adventurous, you could search for other workouts on youtube. If you are really not sure of anything you can do at all, PM me, I will come up with something for you.

Do a Little Planning in Advance

I’m sure you do some sort of planning to organise your weekly activities and routines. With babies and children on hand, planning inevitably becomes part and parcel of your life.

So just do a tiny wee bit more here and remind yourself to include your 20min workouts while you are planning away! This way, workouts will inevitably be part of your plans. Whether it’s the amount of help you are going to get, or the type of workout you can afford to invest in on that particular day, planning ahead will help alot in helping you realise your workout plans.

Don’t Be Ambitious

And so, I have come to terms with being flexible about my workout routines. These days I have been so busy at school and bugged by a stomach virus that I have been missing out on my workouts for a week! Also looking at the prospect that busy days in school will persist, I decided that if I want to have any workouts done at all, I will have to compromise on the time spent on each. Otherwise, I will likely find myself missing out on working out on most days.

Thus I shall not be ambitious in persisting to maintain my usual workout routines – which takes an hour per session. On busy days, I shall rely on short and intense workouts to maintain my fitness level. It can be fun to modify workouts and be creative about selecting the types of exercises for your final platter. I will be getting most of my inspiration from Will you?



Cardio will not help you lose fats

Someone in the United States is doing what I’m trying to – helping mummies get back into splendid health and shape!

And this is an article I came across on her site which I find summarises pretty well, why traditional cardio workouts will not help you lose fats.

If you have been going for your runs frequently and have not been seeing much progress, read this and you will know why. She explains in simple terms the science behind our energy systems and the misconception that breaking a sweat means you are shedding that excess weight.

I am believer of weight training. Combined with high intensity interval training (HIIT) and a supportive diet plan, this is the programme that helped me achieve my fitness goals.

And especially for mummies who are ever so held up with everything under the sun, we do not have the luxury of going for one hour runs just to get body to start burning that little amount of fats. It’s simply too inefficient for us.

The solution is to pick up a programme that enables you to sustain a healthy and fit lifestyle. So adopt a “short & intense” workout programme – its hard, its tiring, but it gets you what you want in just 30min time.

Two months after a low-carb diet

Two months after I started on a low-carb diet, plus taking in some saturated fats from natural meats, doing weight training twice a week, as well as 30 min Tabata-style training everyday during my 10day trip in Japan -I see a further drop in my body fats measurement.

Not as much as the as the last measurement though.

And I must emphasize it is LOW-carb diet – meaing that I do reward myself to yummy treats once a week and take in the ocassional wholemeal bread spread with butter. This is a little trick that allows those of you who are not mentally prepared for a super strict regiment-style diet to still stick to a low-carb diet plan.

The result is a further 2% drop in total body fats – measured by the caliper test. Total body weight droppd by 1.5kg.

The hardest region to rid is still the tummy! And so I was advised to stay away from dairy and wheat for this month to see if I have some sort of allergy towards these two foods that is causing the stubborn fats from burning away. It’s not gonna be an easy task as I love my wholemeal bread and have been taking milk and cheese all my life! I will try my best – to at least reduce the intake significantly.

And we shall see the sresults again in August! =0) is one of the more awesome workout websites that I’d recommend any mummy to follow, if you want interesting, quick and intense workout ideas! And for very good reasons!

1. Zuzana is simply irresistible!
– You can easily get the motivation just be looking at her videos. Don’t believe? Try!

2. Workouts are mostly done without complicating and fancy equipments.
– So no more excuses that you are not geared!

3. Videos and instructions are as clear as can be!
– No more excuses that you don’t understand complicated moves. Unless you have an issue with English!

Free resources are everywhere. Good ones are hard to come by though. And this is one which I recommend to follow even if you are a beginner. Cos the workouts can be done in a way that you challenge yourself with time by managing your own intensity level as you progress.

Leave a towel at your side and be prepared to sweat buckets! =)