Review of The Slimming Company

The most important thing to review is the effectiveness of the programme. As long as a programme is effective, I do not quite care too much if its lacking in other areas like service, ambiance etc…

That said, I cannot say for sure that the programme is effective. After a month’s worth of about 20 sessions, almost all the body measurements remain the same. Weight, Fat percentage, muscle percentage, thigh circumference remain similar. Waist measurement did go down an inch. However, I can’t say for sure too that if it is due to their programme or my own workouts.

To look at the various body measurements and not see a change after a month of hard work was rather disappointing. Apparently, the “increase in metabolic rate” has not helped me reduce my body fats percentage. As such, the programme has failed to help me achieve my most important target – fat lost!

Although I mentioned that I was not bothered by five-star service and ambience, I was still disappointed with the service provided by the company. During my 3rd visit, I arrived at the shop to find the door locked and nobody inside to pick up the phone. Apparently, the employee could not make it to work and failed to contact me to inform that nobody would be manning the place. This led me to ponder about the company’s resource management and accountability process. How can a business be completely reliant on just one employee without any back-up person?

Also, it is obvious that the ladies working there are not trained in fitness and basic human physiology relating to the business. Other than the “standard answers memorised from a training manual”, they lack the knowledge of mechanics behind fitness and weight loss. So if you are someone who has a lot of questions and need all of them answered, this is not the right place for you. I went through it because I knew my stuff and wanted to just focus on seeing the results of the infra-red treatment.

I have about 10 more sessions to go but I doubt that will let me see any drastic improvement.

The Slimming Company

When i was pregnant, I was very sure that I would take up some sort of post-pregnancy massage package with one of the slimming centres, to get rid of cellulites and the excess water retention. However, deeper thoughts and consideration after delivery sets me thinking that this cannot be the solution to regaining my fitness and shape. Having been trained in physical education and sports science, logic tells me that I need to exercise to get rid of the excess weight. Though I’d very much like to believe that slimming centres can do wonders after looking at numerous celebrity endorsements on the media daily, there is the constant nagging voice behind my head that goes “don’t be deceived, you gotta do it the hard but right way”!

So I chose to join The Slimming Company to try out their Infrared Elliptical Stepper machine rather than lie down on some massage bed for wraps. Essentially, no pills involved, no massaging, no wraps – just exercise with infrared emitted around you.

I was attracted to the prospects of what this service could offer. Infrared is supposed to increase your metabolic rate (so they say), so that you burn much more calories within that short period of exercise time. I have been on the elliptical at Sports Council gym and the machine always tells me that I burn about 200cal in my 20min cardio session. With the infrared session, the machine cites an average burn of 1000cal in 30 min. See the varied results? To a busy mummy whose time is the most precious element on earth, this really does look very convincing and attractive!

And so I started my 30 session package in beginning March. And how did the sessions go for me?