The No-Carb Diet

And it has been 4 weeks of NO-CARB DIET!

Well.. more accurately low-carb, since I still treat myself to sinful carbs once a week.

The much-awaited result was definitely worth all the discipline and wait.

The programme required me to eat mainly meat, greens and nuts for my meals. Only a cheat meal is allowed once a week (the first cheat meal is after two weeks of work). You can have anything during the cheat meal, from char kway teow to Ben & Jerry’s. But only once a week, after your protein intake.

During the 4 weeks, exercise programmes was not missed out either, since I need to reach my target in the shortest period of time. So to aid the fat-burning process, sweating it out cannot be given a miss! I mainly work out 4 times a week. On a lucky week when I have extra help with the kids, I can do 5 times. But the bare minimum consists of 2 days of weight-training programme at Genesis Performance and 2 days of high intensity workout at home, doing my own selection of exercises. Since I’m a fan of, I adopt most of my workouts from the site!

And the outcome is a 3.2% decrease in body fats, 1kg increase in lean mass.

Using the caliper test, the best results came from shaving 11mm off my love handles, 17mm off the hamstring, and 1-3mm off the other body parts. With a decrease in 3mm, I would have liked to shave off more on the tummy though.

Not much change in total weight, but it’s a huge success in my fat-reducing¬† plan!

Knowing that a programme works is so critical in providing the required motivation for sustenance! And yes I will continue with this plan and look forward to the next measurement in 3 weeks!