Land of the Rising Sun

Photo by: Katsuhiko Saito

And I will be off to Japan for the next 10 days!
The long-awaited, well-deserved holiday is finally happening tomorrow! 8 nights in Hokkaido, 1 night in Tokyo.
Yes you may say it’s not safe to go now, but we already planned for this and booked our holiday way before the tsunami hit. I pray that all will be safe in Japan and that Hokkaido is far from the mess at Fukushima.
My only fear is that… I will miss the twins and develop a guilt-syndrome during the trip. I hope they behave with Grandma and Great-Grandma.

It will be challenging to continue my weight-training programme, but I will persist with my favourite bodyrock workouts!

If you are interested in any deals, please note that I will only be back on the 17th ;P