Lego – Best Toy in the World!

I came across this old school Lego poster while surfing. I believe it’s as old as me – possibly a campaign in the beginning of 1980s. Lego is one of my favourite toys and one which the twins will get very much acquainted with.

I fell in love with this Lego Ad! And I love it that the ad shows a boy and a girl, telling everyone that Lego is not just for boys! And that it’s not just a toy, it builds your character and who you are!

Here’s another one that says it all about girls and Lego. The Ad says it all.

Lego’s for the rugged and “I can do anything” girl! – That’d be me and my girl!

I’m glad my parents introduced me to Lego. I would like to believe it played a big part in moulding me to who I am today. I remembered not having owned any Barbie dolls, Carebears nor Disney soft toys. My mum doesn’t believe in those stuff.

And I remembered my big buckets of Lego blocks, piles of Lego base plates to build my Lego bungalows.

Yes, and I would like to build my own bungalow come some day.

Milk Alternatives

In the last post, I discussed about the benefits of milk and if it truly brings benefits to us.

One thing for sure, I love my milk! I count my blessings that I have no known allergy of sorts to milk and dairy products. Though I have significantly reduced the intake of dairy now, I appreciate that I could still enjoy them once in awhile with no problems.

So if milk is not exactly the perfect food that we once believe it to be, then what can we take in replacement of milk. What can we add to our dishes in replacement of milk? What can I put in my coffee?

Here are some Milk Alternatives that PN recomends. These milk alternatives:

  • are very low in calories
  • provide healthy fats/fibre
  • taste great

Unsweetened hemp milk

Unsweetened hemp milk is low-carb and provides a good dose of healthy fats, protein, and even a bit of fibre.

Unsweetened almond milk

Unsweetened almond milk has negligible calories (around 40) and just a few grams of carbs. You can also find unsweetened vanilla almond milk, which contains organic vanilla extract and makes for a tasty treat.

Unsweetened rice milk

Unsweetened rice milk is commonly made from brown rice and is normally a little sweeter (and higher in carbs) than the other milk alternatives.

Unsweetened coconut milk

Unsweetened coconut milk is super tasty and contains some high-quality saturated fat. However, you need to be careful because this is the most calorie-dense milk alternative. It’s easy to drink too much.

One quick note about sweetened vs. unsweetened. Many milk alternatives on the market are loaded with added sugar. With up to 2 teaspoons of sugar per cup of sweetened milk alternative, they’re no different than chocolate milk. So make sure to find the unsweetened varieties.

What About Soy Milk?

The thing about soy milk – Although unprocessed soy foods, in small amounts, can have some health benefits, research suggests that eating more than 1 or 2 servings per day can lead to reproductive problems (such as hormone disruption, reduced sperm count, and altered menstrual patterns). If you’re going to include soy in your diet, keep the amount small.

However, I must say we may have some difficulty getting our hands on some of them, in the Asian context. Anyone knows of any fantastic store here in Singapore that carries these products?

Busy Days are Here to Stay!

Yes, it’s the end of the year and schools should all be winding down, taking a slower tempo on everything, letting teachers take a breather. I’m glad for the absence of structured lessons, taking a break from lessons and students. But much of the freed up time is now spent on paperwork and administration instead! You will never comprehend the amount of administration teachers have to do until you become one! So I’m not going to list the number of things we need to see to, before we can say the year’s ended!

The last two months were hectic and flew by in a bulldozer fashion. Yep.. l believe I literally bulldozered my way through these two months, taking care of twins who caught a ridiculous flu bug one after the other, squeezing more brain juice for a nutrition certification program and organising a college function, amidst being buried under tons of work reviews and work plans for the year end!

Yes and I regret not being able to manage my time better and share more of the knowledge I’d have loved to on this blog. However many mummies or fitness goers who patronise this blog, I still believe in sharing good knowledge with them and secretly hope to have some influence in their leading great healthy lifestyles!

Look out for more great sharings on great health! Stay Active on Busy Days!

GE Craze IS Over!

I haven’t been consistent with fit entries due to the recent excitement over the General Election and dealing with the fiesty twin. However, while these are ongoing, I was still following my no-carb diet closely, making sure I eat well and exercise the right way.

It’s been 3 weeks of no-carb diet. And so far so good. Lotsa cod fish, pork, chicken, fresh salads, fruits, and nuts! I do feel much leaner and I’m sure it’s not psychological. I look forward to the end of Week 4 where I will do the measurements to get the actual results.