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Regardless of twins or singletons, it never harms to look out for great bargains and save some dollars!

As much as I can, I look for deals on motherhood forums so i do not overspend on the twins! And I have since picked up some great bargains that other mummies have put up for sale. I must let you know though that I only go for the quality second-hand stuff. I am a firm believer that the quality of hand-me-downs & second-hand items should not be compromised just because they are not new! And it’s really up to the integrity of the seller to make sure of that.

My twins have since grown out of some of their clothes, which is a pity as some of the lovely rompers were worn a few times only.
I’ve selected some which are still in excellent and comfy condition to let go. Let me know if you are interested in any.

George Baby Organic Rompers

3 for $10 ****not available****

Cotton on Rompers

$3 each ***not available***

Carter’s Baseball Romper

$8 - worn once only ***not available***

I also have on hand an almost-new Prego Rocker to let go. Apparently the twins prefer the old school netted rockers so this one was sat on once only.


I had bought the Medela Freestyle as I was all ready to do tons of expressing for two babies with the double pump and quiet machine. To my utmost disappointment, milk flow was limited and no matter what I did -from taking lactation medication to drinking loads of papaya fish soup, the milk supply just couldn’t be sustained. So for those who are looking to purchase a second-hand electronic pump, this is a pretty good buy as it’s only lightly used.

The pump was only used like a single so far, not even taxed as a double pump as it’s supposed to do. Most of the parts and accessories are still new and intact in the original packaging. All items and components will be included as stated in the standard package at Medela website (except the breastshields which I believe you should purchase new for hygiene purpose).

I will also be throwing in a pack of Medela milk bags (20pc) as complimentary item.

$250 ***Sold***

Twin mummies are always kiasu and often prepare more stuff than is actually required. So I have some stuff which are totally brand new and not opened or used at all. I have bundled the following for new mummies-to-be which I think is a great bargain for some of you on a tight budget.

The retail price of the starter kit is $33 and the electric bottle warmer about $100.

Avent Newborn Starter Kit + Avent Electronic Bottle Warmer (all brand new)

$90 ***Sold***

We made the right choice of not buying a twin stroller right from the start. However, buying two single strollers wasn’t the best idea either, especially when the twins do not fancy sitting in strollers and hate being strapped up. And so, we only really use one stroller and leave the other pretty much untouched. Instead letting it remain untouched further, we would like to let it go at a reasonable price for other mummies.

The stroller is a Maclaren 2008 model. We purposefully chose the older model as it’s cheaper and functions pretty much the same as the newer models- so why pay more?

$330 **Sold**

We bought the stroller for almost $500, along with an original Maclaren reversible seat liner (orange and blue colors) and a removable front bar. The reversible seat liner will be bundled as a complimentary item, together with the original head support and shoulder strap covers. For an additional $40, you could take the original Maclaren Front Bar which we purchased separately. Everything’s almost untouched so I will say this is a really good deal for those who are eyeing Maclarens.

The twins have grown out of their baby cots! In fact, they rarely sleep in their cots either. They preferred to sleep in the yaolan and only just learnt to sleep on the bed recently. These two are really collaborating with each other –  to not use what mummy and daay bought for them! So once again, I have two cots in good condition to let go! They were bought from IKEA – the GULLIVER cot, which is selling at $229 now.

$90 **Both Sold**

I’m letting go just the bed frame for $90. Keeping the mattress as it is rather useful for cushioning purposes.


8 thoughts on “fitmummy deals

  1. Hi,

    Im keen to get the Cot & Prego Rocker.

    The cot is it lightly used & no visible scratches. I wonder if Ikea still carry the mattress. Can be in touch w me on for the pickup location

    Cheers, Di

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