Cardio will not help you lose fats

Someone in the United States is doing what I’m trying to – helping mummies get back into splendid health and shape!

And this is an article I came across on her site which I find summarises pretty well, why traditional cardio workouts will not help you lose fats.

If you have been going for your runs frequently and have not been seeing much progress, read this and you will know why. She explains in simple terms the science behind our energy systems and the misconception that breaking a sweat means you are shedding that excess weight.

I am believer of weight training. Combined with high intensity interval training (HIIT) and a supportive diet plan, this is the programme that helped me achieve my fitness goals.

And especially for mummies who are ever so held up with everything under the sun, we do not have the luxury of going for one hour runs just to get body to start burning that little amount of fats. It’s simply too inefficient for us.

The solution is to pick up a programme that enables you to sustain a healthy and fit lifestyle. So adopt a “short & intense” workout programme – its hard, its tiring, but it gets you what you want in just 30min time.