Powerfoods to Shrink your Gut and keep you Healthy for Life!

While I was changing nappies during maternity leave, I chanced upon two books during one of those rare trips to Kinokuniya. The dangerous thing about popping into bookstores is that I will usually come out with at least two books! Yes I love books and the feeling of flipping pages and using bookmarks.

So I was gonna say, I bought this loud, orange coloured book titled “the NEW Abs Diet” by David Zinczenko, Editor-in-chief at Men’s Health. I did not buy it because I wanted to look for the answer to washboard abs. I wanted to read about hs philosophy on the types of foods to take &/ or avoid in the quest for washboard abs. The idea was so that I can gather viewpoints from different subject matter experts, understand the diets they preach and the rationale behind their suggestions, so that you can be sure of the goodness of the super foods I will mention in this blog!

And so, David recommeds the POWER 12 foods which he believes will help you in the quest for a healthier, leaner life!

1. Almonds & other Nuts

2. Beans & Pulses

3. Spinach & Other Green Vegetables

4. Dairy (Skimmed Milk, Fat-free or Low-Fat Yogurt and Cheese)

5. Instant Hot Oat Cereal (Unsweetened & Unflavoured mind you)

6. Eggs

7. Turkey & Other Lean Meats (Lean Steak, Chicken, Fish)

However, I would still like to mention that natural animal fats are actually not harmful to us. If you find it hard to accept, you could still trim off majority of the fats and consume the little fat percentage that remains.

8.  Peanut Butter (Natural, Sugar-Free)

9. Olive Oil

In case you are not aware, olive oil should not be cooked over high temperatures, otherwise its properties will change and consumption wouldbe harmful to you instead.

10. Wholegrain Breads & Cereals

11. Extra-Protein (Whey) Potein

For those of you who work out and want better muscle recovery and fat burning effects

12. Raspberries & Other Berries

As much as possible, try to incorporate two or three of these foods into each of your three major meals and at least one for your snacks.

Adopting a healthier diet may be difficult initially. However, it’s just a matter of changing your taste buds and getting used to new foods and new styles of food preparation that you have not been familiar with. 

Give it a try it before you say you can’t.