Lo and Behold, It’s March 2013!!

It has been the longest time since my last blog entry!

And I haven been truly busy since then …. Way busy during the last 4 months!!

Let’s take a peek at the bucket list of a busy mummy:

  1. Babysitting – keeps you perpetually busy
  2. Christmas and Chinese New Year – time of the year for lots of catching up and gatherings with families and friends
  3. Bringing 20 students on an overseas climbing trip
  4. Attending classes and seminars for personal development
  5. Sitting for exams
  6. Picking up basic skills on website design
  7. Getting lost while at it
  8. Housework

And I wonder why I have so little time.

This year, I have taken a big step in adjusting my career. The main motivation came from the twins, as my mum can’t manage them by herself while I’m at work. The Great-Grand has officially declared her retirement plans from the twins, thinking my mum and I should be able to handle them. It’s good that we learn to be independent of her, but we do have to make major changes to accommodate the change.

And so, I have taken a year off school to better manage the twins and their schedules. Aasha used to have to wake up at 6.30am with me when I was in school, because the school morning assembly is at 7.30am. I always dreaded the moment when I have to rouse her from her deep sleep!  Now that I don’t have to rush for morning assemblies, she can definitely sleep in later!

After the kids get dropped off at playschool, Mummy and Grandma scoots off to busy themselves with numerous tasks on hand! I keep myself occupied with the numerous items listed above. My mum turns her attention to quality marketing and re-organising her whole house. You can imagine how much work gets done when the twins are not home! A luxury only mothers will understand ….

There will be more entries coming up on new knowledge that I have picked up, as well as updates on new changes to come!